Which colour for our bathtub?

The creation of our new sleek luxury bathroom is nearly accomplished.... The luxury faucets are selected, the bathtub too. But then comes the question: Which color for the bathtub ?

Black and white for a very chic inspiration

Or rather SKY BLUE for a very fresh atmosphere ...

Or PINK for a touch of daring ...

And eventually why not GREY for a design touch?

The BETA bathtub is an Absara creation, made in high resistance resin Scene® materia.
It is a bathtub dedicated for all bathrooms.
Which is available in many different versions and can be freestanding, for niche or recessed.

The smart touch about this bathtub is that retro fittings can be adapted, as much as design fittings, contemporary fittings or classic for any inspiration.
This tub matches every bathroom.

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