Sea, sun, holidays and bathroom !

It's lying under the umbrella or the olive tree that we are the best inspired ...
So that when we see the new collections of the Italian furniture manufacturer Edoné with these elegant and timeless designed bathroom , we are already outlining plans and sketches for our dream bathroom!

Sea, sun, holidays and bathroom !
The wood material is comparable to a fully natural range following a Nordic inspiration that exalts the purity of form.
As a bathroom key figure animated by hand structured oak or American walnut :
Maia, the latest creation from Edonè's production.

A collection of elegant and contemporary bathroom that blends with natural stones, with matt finishes tops or Stonematt sinks .
An actual taste that can be differentiated by the three different textures available: Sasso, rete or graffiti that give the wood a very strong personality.
Maia, like other Edonè collections, is a totally natural product, entirely manufactured in Italy with painting cycles made in the total absence of chemical solvents and fully recyclable materials. Which minimizes the impact on the environment.
In total respect of the environment and "Made in Italy" philosophy.

Design: Marco Bortolin

The Chrono bathroom collection is the time that does not pass : a taste that is not a trend but an eternal and ever new style.

Essential forms with 45 ° cuts as the finishing touches of perfect stiching of a couture clothing : with simple structures are part of an infinitely vast and complex project.
The structures in this bathroom collection are characterized by wooden facades in multiply or solid wood.

The collection fits perfectly with the wallpaper that Edoné has been realized in collaboration with Wall&Deco, decorating such works of art or sobriety Chrono magnifies the perfect artistic contrast.

Design: Marco Bortolin

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